New updates and improvements to Yurbi

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🎉 New Updates: Yurbi v11.6 Build

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New features and fixes:


The following fixes and improvements apply to Yurbi v11.6 Build


⚡️ New: Allow anonymous and multiple typed emails in scheduler wizard

⚡️ New: Add logo and header options to Excel export/scheduled report

⚡️ New: Dashboard filter value/lookup option

🚀 Improvement: Dashboard Filter loading indicator

🚀 Improvement: Speed and performance enhancements

🚀 Improvement: Export to excel supports data grid hierarchy settings

🚀 Improvement: Dynamic date span support for stored procedures

🚀 Improvement: Invert axis option for bar and column charts

🚀 Improvement: Pie chart percentage supports label format precision

🐞 Bug Fix: MongoDB support for linked reports

🐞 Bug Fix: Scheduler support for data tag fix


👉🏼 You can download the latest update of Yurbi here and follow these instructions to perform the upgrade.