New updates and improvements to Yurbi

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🎉 New Updates: Yurbi v11.6 Build

New features and fixes:

The following fixes and improvements apply to Yurbi v11.6 Build


⚡️ New: Query from API endpoints as a data source

⚡️ New: Cisco Duo 2FA Integration

⚡️ New: TV Display Mode for secure auto-refreshing dashboards or reports

🚀 Improvement: Improved performance of Builder report tree

🚀 Improvement: Embed widget now refreshes on filter change

🚀 Improvement: MySQL 8.x library update

🚀 Improvement: Migration to .Net Framework 4.7.2

🐞 Bug Fix: User data source personas not applied to stored procedures

🐞 Bug Fix: CSS update on dashboard print view

🐞 Bug Fix: Dashboard filter default to top fix


👉🏼 You can download the latest update of Yurbi here and follow these instructions to perform the upgrade.