New updates and improvements to Yurbi

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🎉 New Updates: Yurbi v11.5 Build

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New features and fixes:


The following fixes and improvements apply to Yurbi v11.5 Build


⚡️ New: Dashboard filters sort index

⚡️ New: Smart dashboard filters

🚀 Improvement: Remove hover option on map visualization

🚀 Improvement: Scheduler dashboard and visuzliation rendering

🚀 Improvement: Remove dots from line charts option

🚀 Improvement: Chart currency symbol selection

🚀 Improvement: Advanced pivot grid auto expansion option

🚀 Improvement: Added uglifyjs and grunt config to allow minifying of js code files

🚀 Improvement: Display filter settings on dashboard print

🐞 Bug Fix: Mail connection to Office 365

🐞 Bug Fix: Embedded datagrid CSS filter display

🐞 Bug Fix: Dashboard between date validation

🐞 Bug Fix: Chart resize display fix

🐞 Bug Fix: Advanced report stored procedure data source

🐞 Bug Fix: International time span end of week

🐞 Bug Fix: Saving user profile displays "false" in interface


👉🏼 You can download the latest update of Yurbi here and follow these instructions to perform the upgrade.