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Currently the report builder has full control of what report data can be shared as a Guest View or Public View
Ideas #App Shield, #Guest View, #Dashboard
In our environment we only refresh our database once a day. Instead of querying the database live on each load of a
Ideas #Dashboard
Eliminate the need of a Windows Server by supporting a version of Yurbi that runs on Linux.
Ideas #Admin
Currently only admins are able to reset a users password if they forget it.  Enable a forgotten password feature for...
Ideas #Admin
Allow the ability to customize the chart series colors, fonts, and other items on a per chart basis in the Chart
Ideas #Visualizations
Currently many of the error messages that are returned when a report fails are errors provided directly from the
Ideas #Admin
Currently if a user deletes a report from the Library it is gone forever and the only way to restore is via a database...
Ideas #Library, #Admin
Provide a setting to control the level of logging or to disable it.   This can make the log files more useable but...
Ideas #Admin
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